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What Determines a Mattress’ Comfort Level?

Memory foam, gel-cooled memory foam, innerspring, latex, hybrid—every mattress today is built to deliver one thing: comfort. So what actually determines a mattress’ comfort level?

A mattress needs to support your body in every way, keeping your body in proper alignment and not aggravating pressure points, such as shoulders and hips.

Each person is different, though. Answering a few questions will help determine a mattress’ comfort level for you.

Do you have issues with neck and back pain? Neck and back alignment? Do you sleep on your side, back or stomach? Are you higher on the body mass index scale? Lower? These are the kinds of factors that will determine a mattress’ comfort level for you.

When it comes down to it, physically testing is the only way you will truly know whether a mattress is right for you.

Test each mattress you are thinking about buying by laying on it for several minutes in your typical sleeping position. If you normally sleep with another person, that person should come along so you can lay on the bed at the same time to test how your movements affect one another. Move around a bit.

Bringing your pillow also is recommended because it will help you get a better and more realistic idea of what each mattress feels like to sleep on overnight.

When you shop at Vandenberg Furniture, we encourage customers to take their time. We will help to make sure your selection is the correct one for you. Time spent in the store will be well worth it when you are enjoying restful sleep and improved health. A new mattress is a major investment. We’ll help to make sure yours is a good one.

Is it time to consider a mattress upgrade? Let the experts at Vandenberg Furniture help guide you to the perfect make and model for your needs. Based in Kalamazoo, MI, we help customers in the the four county area select from our quality furniture, mattresses and accessories. Explore out mattresses today! Secured Site