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Why Traditional Amish Furniture Provides Quality Difficult to Beat

Most expect high-quality furniture to be expensive, while mass produced furniture is often cheaper and lasts for significantly fewer years. So why is Amish furniture in Battle Creek high quality and equally affordable?

Master Craftsmen at Work Table and Chairs

The Amish furniture available in Battle Creek is the result of Ohio master craftsmen using methods of construction and joinery that have proven to be successful for centuries.

Using the best solid wood, expert craftsmen had been building furniture from first-class wood until the introduction of synthetic materials and particleboard to reduce costs. Fortunately, the Amish craftsmen have completely avoided these lesser quality materials.

The raw wood is treated carefully by drying and stabilizing the hardwood before it is ready for furniture use. By carrying out this process perfectly, this ensures that the wood used in your Amish furniture will not crack or suffer from extreme weather. The finishing process completely seals the wood ensuring that outside moisture cannot enter the wood. You can expect furniture chosen from these builders to be handed down from one generation to the next and continue to be used in your home for decades to come.

Being built in smaller facilities allows the price of Amish furniture to be available within the price range of many families which is why we have been so successful in offering this vast selection.

Environmentally Friendly

With so many customers asking for environmentally friendly furniture in modern times, we are pleased to be able to offer the cultural traditions of the Amish, knowing that every purchase is sustainable now and in the future. Secured Site