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The Pros and Cons of Shopping for Furniture Online

Over the past 30 or so years, online shopping has exploded in popularity. What was once thought of as a niche purchasing option is now the go-to method for consumers across many industries. While it’s convenient to purchase many products online, there are certain bulky, high-value items like furniture and appliances that just don’t make sense to ship with conventional shipping services like USPS and FedEx. If you are determining whether or not you should purchase furniture online, reference this pros and cons list to help you make a more informed purchasing decision.

Pro: Explore Products Without Much Effort 

An undeniable benefit of shopping online is convenience. Frankly, the entire online shopping movement is based on convenience! The ability to learn about products, cross-shop brands, and models, and read consumer testimonials - all from the comfort of our living room - is a huge advantage.  When it comes to shopping for furniture, however, the main convenience comes from the online catalog and not the prospect of shipping the item to your door. 

Con: Wait Weeks for Product Delivery, with Added Shipping Costs 

One of the few disadvantages to ordering products online comes in the form of shipping. Delivery of your product via various shipping channels like USPS can be time-consuming, costly, and comes with a potential risk of damage. When you consider everything that goes into shipping bulky, heavy pieces of furniture across the world to your doorstep, it is no wonder consumers frequently run into huge delays and damaged products. Recent supply chain delays have exasperated these logistical challenges, with some consumers waiting months before finally receiving their furniture. Additionally, consumers could be misled by seemingly lower prices, made up for in exorbitant shipping costs. 

Con: No Quality Assurance or Service After the Sale

The last thing you want to receive after weeks of waiting is furniture that is not up to your quality standards. What may look like a beautiful, handcrafted piece in pictures could turn out to be strictly aesthetic. Things like fake wood, fake leather, and plastic components can easily replicate the look of high-end furniture, without the customer realizing it. While this may not bother some shoppers, it is best to know exactly what level of quality you are getting before it arrives at your home. Even if you are a fan of a specific brand name, there could have been changes in their material choices or manufacturing since you last purchased.  

At Vandenberg Furniture, we offer the convenience of online shopping, without the burden of long-distance shipping and unpredictable quality levels. We serve the greater Kalamazoo area with an assortment of high-quality furniture brands we can deliver to your doorstep. Our website includes links to our manufacturers and their high-resolution images and detailed product descriptions to help you narrow down your favorites before you even enter our showroom. Once you arrive, you will be greeted by a highly knowledgeable and friendly sales staff that will listen to your needs, and determine the perfect selection for you. We carry quality brands, and are dedicated to helping customers purchase pieces they will love for years to come. Want to learn more? Call us at (269) 679-4055 or check out our list of brands today! Secured Site