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Find the Perfect Bed in Vandenberg Furniture Show Room in Kalamazoo

Your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your home. Getting enough hours of restful sleep every night is crucial to your mental and physical health, and the right type of bed will ensure that you are well-rested, comfortable and ready to face the world every morning — Read more

Living Room Furniture that is Functional, Stylish and Found in Kalamazoo

The living room is usually the centerpiece and very core of a house. This is where the family can all gather together, as well as a place where guests can be entertained and memories made. Because the living room is a place that is so visible and important, it is recommended that you take the time to furnish it properly — Read more

Amish Furniture Delivers Quality Pieces to Any Home

For decades the Amish have been building furniture, and they have a well-deserved, wide-spread reputation for quality and craftsmanship in every piece created. What may not be as well-known is the variety of styles and choices in furniture that have also evolved throughout the years in Amish furniture — Read more

Discover New Bedroom Sets in Kalamazoo

A bedroom set can tie a room together and define its entire character and even theme. The room where you can retreat, relax and recharge in preparation for the next day should reflect your personal taste, too, like the rest of your home — Read more

The Best in Mattress Stores in Kalamazoo

What helps to determine a large percentage of your overall attitude and health during the day? How well you sleep the night before is the answer. Which is why your mattress is the most important piece of furniture in your home — Read more

Tips to Help You Choose Your Living Room Furniture

Some people will simply wander through a furniture store, find a piece that they like, and make the purchase. This may result in a wonderful experience and great success, but without much planning, will your new purchases fit in with the rest of your living room furniture? — Read more

Why Traditional Amish Furniture Provides Quality Difficult to Match

Most expect high-quality furniture to be expensive, while mass-produced furniture is often cheaper and lasts for significantly fewer years. So why is Amish furniture in Battle Creek high quality and equally affordable — Read more Secured Site